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Restaurant POS Software

Streamlined Restaurant Operations With An
End-to-End Restaurant POS System

Manage all your restaurant operations with a one-stop solution restaurant pos system – a point of sale system that takes care of everything from order management to inventory management to other restaurant operations for ensuring smooth functioning.

About Digirestro

Digirestro is a digital restaurant POS system that helps restaurants, hotels, cafe managers and owners to smoothen their workflows and operations. With this single point of sale system, owners and managers can easily manage all their restaurant operations related to orders, bookings, inventory, cash flow, etc.

With all the routine operations being taken care of in a more streamlined way, Digirestro is committed to helping restaurants, hotels, and cafes manage their operations more conveniently while focusing on more strategic measures for the business’ overall growth and profitability.

Restaurant POS System by Digirestro –
Excellent Features

User-Friendly and Fast Interface

The restaurant POS system is designed with user ease and simplicity so that the restaurants and customers can navigate through it conveniently and work out the orders accordingly.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is essential to a restaurant POS system. With Digirestro, you can have proper records of the inventory which will help keep inventory in check and you’ll never run out of the essentials.

Tracking, Reporting, and Analytics

It’s essential to understand how your restaurant is performing in terms of sales. With a user dashboard that shows detailed records of your sales and helps track all the operations while also analyzing them based on market

Integration with Other Tools

Digirestro restaurant POS system is devised to integrate with other tools, applications, and software to make it a one-stop solution for streamlined restaurant operations and functions. Whatever be the other solutions you’re using for managing your restaurant, you can integrate them with Digires

Order Management

Managing your orders and being quick to them is essential for delivering good customer experiences. With a complete online system for order management that allows you to take care of online as well as offline orders, you can make sure that the customers get what they want with minimal waiting period.

24/7 Live Support

It’s common to run into technical difficulties with a digital restaurant POS system. However, with Digirestro, you won’t be stuck with them. Whatever be the problem, Digirestro team is available round the clock to help resolve your technical issues and other queries and questions.

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Our Integrations and Collaborations

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With a focus on helping restaurants manage their end-to-end operations whether online or offline, we have collaborations with the best online food aggregators such as Zomato, Swiggy, etc. With these collaborations and integrations, we help restaurants maintain ease and smoothness in their order delivery and management system with increased efficiency given the huge investments of big online food aggregators in technology, staff, and other essentials for restaurant management.

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What You Can Do With The Software

Our restaurant POS system is designed to help you with multiple business operations thereby making your job easier and business more profitable

Point of Sale and Billing

No need to spend time manually creating bills. All your bills can be automated and you can generate them in a few clicks with Digitrestro

Payment Integration

Collecting payments for your orders and services is way too easy with Digirestro considering the excellent integration of different payment systems and gateways in the software.

Cash Management

Keep a detailed account of payments made in cash by easily uploading them in the restaurant POS so that all your sales, profits, and expenses are recorded on a single platform.

Marketing Automations

Spread the word about your business and its facilities to drive more customers to your restaurant with different marketing automation options available on Digirestro

Take Customer Feedback

The words of customers are a great marketing tool for you. You also know that you’ve generated loyal customers when you receive positive feedback from them. Get all the feedback from your customers easily over the restaurant POS software.

Order Management

Make sure that you’re quick with the orders by orders automatically getting printed and displayed to the staff on the POS system.

Why Choose Digirestro Restaurant
POS System?

Easy to Use and Understand

Digirestro is built with excellent ease of use and simplicity. With the touch interface and easy navigation, customers can make their orders in no time at all, and restaurants can process orders

Customizations As Per Requests

Every restaurant comes with unique needs and requests for the software they are putting to use. We understand this and offer on-demand customization as per users’ specific needs and

One Solution Fits All

Digirestro is one solution that fits all restaurant management needs. From order and inventory management to sales and processing bills and payments to marketing your business, you can do it all easily on this restaurant POS system.

More Productivity in Operations

Since all your operations will be easily managed through the restaurant POS system, you’ll have more time for strategic thinking and you’ll see enhanced productivity in operations which in turn leads to more sales and business success.

Useful Insights

You can get all the necessary insights into the sales and performance of your business through the detailed reports and analytics system of the software. With these insights, you can constantly improve your restaurant operations and performance.

24/7 Support

You will never feel stuck with a query, question, or problem. Our support team is always available at your disposal to help you with any technical problems, queries, and questions that you might encounter when using the software.

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    What customer say about us

    “Digirestro POS is the best investment we have made ever for my restaurant. They truly honored their client with their best partnership approach and delivered the best reastaurant POS Software. Digirestro POS is very intuitive for managing your restaurant operation and I must say that every restaurant owner should grab their hand on it.”

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    "Digirestro POS is an affordable POS Software that is specifically designed for restaurants. It's designed with advanced inventory features and in-house marketing capabilities making work quicker. I’ll surely recommend Digirestro POS to everyone.“

    Abhinav Sharma
    Abhinav Sharma


    "I’m pleased with Digirestro POS. It comes with various features and tools to anticipate my restaurant’s future sales and risks. Digirestro POS provides real-time reports that allow me to make good decisions and oversee restaurant inventory management efficiently.



    I was searching for a Restaurant POS that would be easy to maintain. I’m happy to found Digirestro, a straightforward solution that manages complex restaurant system quickly within an affordable range. They also have exceptional customer support service.

    Mahesh Patel
    Mahesh Patel


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