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Restaurants are using new technology to improve the eating experience for their patrons in an age dominated by digital innovation. Among these developments, ordering through QR code has become a potent tool that is revolutionising how customers interact with menus and place their orders. In addition to providing contactless convenience, this technology also simplifies operations for restaurants and guests.

Accepting Evolution:

In addition to their original use, QR codes now serve other purposes thanks to the proliferation of smartphones. Nowadays, restaurants use QR codes to provide customers a touchless ordering option, minimising physical contact and fostering a safer dining atmosphere.

The QR Code Ordering Solution from Digirestro:

The pioneering Pune-based business Digirestro is at the forefront of this shift. Digirestro, a company that understands the need for innovation in the restaurant sector, has tapped into the potential of QR codes to provide a smooth and effective eating experience.

How to Order using QR Codes:

Scan and Access: Customers scan QR codes on menus or restaurant tables using their cellphones. This quickly gives them access to a digital menu through their smartphones.

Customers may browse the menu, check food descriptions, photos, and pricing before placing an order. Then, using the digital user interface, they may choose things and modify their orders.

Order submission: Following selection, users may use their cellphones to submit their orders. The kitchen is then given the orders to prepare.

Payment Integration: Secure payment methods are integrated into many QR code ordering solutions, like Digirestro’s, making it easy for customers to pay their bills.

Benefits of ordering using a QR code:

Contactless Convenience: Ordering using a QR code reduces physical touch, which prevents the transfer of germs and fosters a sanitary eating atmosphere, especially in light of the recent epidemic.

Efficiency: By allowing diners to make their orders at their own leisure, peak-hour server wait times are avoided. This shortens wait times and speeds up the ordering process.

Accurate Orders: Customers may assure accurate orders by directly entering their choices, reducing the chance of misunderstandings and mistakes.

Restaurants may quickly update their menus in real time so that patrons always have access to the newest specials and deals.

Enhanced eating Experience: Customers’ whole eating experience is improved by QR code ordering, which offers a contemporary, interactive, and engaging experience.

Real-World Illustration

Imagine a popular cafe where customers routinely assemble for breakfast and coffee. Prior to using QR code ordering, the café occasionally suffered delays during busy times because of the high amount of orders.

Customers may quickly browse the digital menu and make their orders by scanning the QR code on their tables with Digirestro’s QR code ordering solution. Direct distribution of the orders to the kitchen sped up food production and delivery. Customers liked how easily adjustments could be made and how quickly the process moved forward. This change not only increased operational effectiveness but also enhanced the cafe’s standing as a cutting-edge business that places a premium on patron convenience and safety.


For the restaurant business, QR code ordering has emerged as a game-changing tool in a world where contactless transactions are increasingly common. Digirestro’s creative use of QR code ordering is an example of how technology can be used to provide a pleasant eating experience for customers and restaurant owners alike.