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People hate waiting, especially in restaurants. They’re paying for a service and they want to be served as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many restaurants struggle with long wait times, which can lead to customer complaints. The best to solve this issue is to use a Restaurant POS Software. Here are some more tips on how restaurants can reduce wait time and minimize customer complaints.

Customers frequently complain about having to wait, which might affect how satisfied they are with your business. Additionally, waiting times can lower staff morale and cause stress-related issues for workers.

One of the basic tips to reduce wait time is to use restaurant POS software to your advantage. This type of system can help you keep track of customer orders and know when each dish will be ready. Additionally, you can use a restaurant POS software to make payments so that customers don’t have to wait for the bill at the end of their meal.

The logical course of action is to increase staff. But for many, it’s just not feasible because of hefty wage expenses and a lack of qualified workers. So let’s concentrate on more economical and effective strategies to shorten wait times.

Many restaurants focus on providing excellent food and service but often overlook one important factor – reducing wait time. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that restaurants can take to minimize wait times and keep customers happy.

Think About Ordering Online

An excellent technique to cut down on wait times is to let clients place orders online. It not only expedites processes but also does away with the need to pay staff for taking orders, saving money on payroll expenses.

The likelihood is that a client will place their order online before visiting your restaurant if they are aware of how simple it is to do so.

Visit our online ordering page to learn more about how restaurants can shorten wait times by accepting online ordering from patrons.

A Menu With A QR Code Offer

You can cut down serving time in your restaurant by up to 20% by including QR codes on the menu. 

People may now scan these codes with their iPhones instead of having to ask staff how long specific items take to cook. 

It takes a few minutes and prevents everyone from having a long talk, allowing guests to choose their meal more quickly.

Tell your visitors what to expect. Inform them in advance of the wait time. If your establishment is a full-service restaurant, this is particularly crucial.

As opposed to having the server keep them in the dark until the food is ultimately served, your guests will be pleased if they know how long they must wait for their dinner in advance.

At-The-Table Ordering

Waiting times have also been found to be decreased with the portable point of sale terminals. With the ability to place orders immediately, servers can do away with the 5–10 minutes or more it typically takes them to take orders, quickly check their section, and then add the customer’s money to the terminal. 

The Key Is Having Good Food And Service

It goes without saying that when it comes to restaurant satisfaction, good cuisine and good service go hand in hand. Customers who request both things but only receive one occasionally become frustrated and may decide not to return or even complain to others about the poor service they received.

After Prolonged Waiting, Provide A Coupon Or Discount

In order to keep customers satisfied and encourage them to return for more, if your restaurant has long wait times during peak periods, think about providing a coupon through a loyalty program that can be used during a subsequent visit or for a discounted meal.

For Takeaway Orders, Have A Different Personnel On Duty

Consider recruiting separate staff members who are completely responsible for taking the phone and online orders if your restaurant does not already do so in order to decrease wait times during busy times.

This prevents customers who want to pick up their food from having to stand on the backs of others who are inside dining. All of these actions will significantly lower customer complaints and raise customer satisfaction levels.

restaurant pos software
Restaurant POS Software

Remove Tips For Prompt Services

If you want to cut down on waiting times, you might want to consider doing away with gratuities.

Customers can be more willing to wait in line than the order in or get takeaway if they don’t have to pay extra for rapid service.

They would also value this choice because it gives them the opportunity to not feel compelled to leave a tip even when the service is excellent.

Try To Keep Your Guests Entertained

Think about providing some small tabletop games for your customers or using your digital signage TVs to program your own TV channel.

Occasionally, it might also be a good idea to provide complimentary samples of new menu items. You can limit the number of workers required at any given time as a result of the significant reduction in waiting times. While they wait, keep your consumers satisfied.

Streamline Your Operations

Waiting times in restaurants can be cut down significantly with automation. Your staff will be able to concentrate on other activities and make fewer mistakes if you decrease the requirement for manual operations.

Think about utilizing a point of sale system that is cloud-based and has a fully integrated website for online ordering or self-service kiosks. In this situation, internet orders are immediately entered into your point of sale system, saving you both time and money on manpower.

Boost Employee Communication

When discussing ways to shorten wait times in restaurants, it’s critical to keep in mind that patrons may grow irritated if they are kept in the dark about.

If the order is ready and your customer is not aware, i.e, the customer does not has update then complaint from the customers are likely to happen. Ensure efficient team communication so that no one individual is left to handle all the burdens when things go wrong.

Add A Restaurant POS Software

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to help you manage your restaurant more effectively and efficiently, a restaurant POS software is ideal.

A good POS system will provide you with the ability to track inventory, print bills, and take payments quickly all of which can help to cut down on waiting times in your restaurant.

Not only that, but a restaurant POS software can also help you to better understand your customer data and preferences, giving you valuable insights that can help you to further streamline your operations and improve your overall service levels.


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Wait time is an important metric for restaurant POS Software, as it can directly impact customer satisfaction and profits. 

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to reduce wait time and minimize customer complaints.