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As the world emerges from the pandemic, restaurants will need to adapt their marketing strategies to meet the new challenges and opportunities of the post-Covid landscape. In the era of smartphones and ever-connectedness, people are dining out more than ever. In order to stay competitive in the restaurant industry, businesses need to come up with innovative marketing strategies that appeal to modern customers.  

Some effective tactics for restaurants in 2022 might include using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to reach a wider audience, experimenting with online food delivery services, and partnering with local influencers or bloggers whose target audience is likely to be interested in your products or services.  

Additionally, it’s important to keep your branding on point and think creatively about different promotion ideas that will set your restaurant apart from the competition. At the end of the day, staying up-to-date on current marketing trends and adapting over time is key when it comes to successfully capturing and retaining the interest of customers in 2022 and beyond. 

Let’s Have A Look At 13 Restaurant Marketing Ideas For 2022

Effective restaurant marketing is becoming more and more important as competition in the industry intensifies. In order to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace, restaurateurs must implement smart, strategic marketing tactics that leverage new technologies, engage with customers on social media, and embrace innovative branding initiatives. 

Let’s get started, without any further ado! 

Create A Marketing Plan 

Looking to create a marketing plan for your restaurant? You’re in luck! In this section, we will provide you with a roadmap that will help you reach your target audience and generate more revenue for your business. 2022 is just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning now! 

Marketing plays a crucial role in the success or failure of a restaurant. It is important to start planning well ahead of time, as this will help you capitalize on opportunities that can lead to increased revenue and growth. In this blog post, we will provide you with information on various aspects of marketing for restaurants. 

One of the most important parts of your marketing plan is understanding who your target audience is and what their needs are. Doing so requires that you conduct market research to analyze your competition, assess customer demographics, and understand how people search for restaurants online. The more data-driven your decisions are, the greater your chances of success will be! 

Once you have an idea about who your customers are likely to be, it’s time to start working on your marketing strategy. The first step is determining the right channels through which you will communicate with your target audience. Some common options include print advertisements, radio commercials, social media marketing, and email campaigns. 

Another important consideration when planning a restaurant’s marketing strategy is choosing an effective message that will resonate with people and motivate them to take action. 

This could involve highlighting unique features of your business or emphasizing why customers should choose your establishment over other restaurants in the area. It’s also important to focus on providing excellent customer service – this speaks volumes about how much you care about the satisfaction of your customers! 

Lastly, it’s crucial that you run A/B tests for all aspects of your marketing plan to determine what’s working and what isn’t. This will allow you to make adjustments as needed to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts over time. 

Get Active On Social Media Channels 

If you are a restaurant owner, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends. One of the most effective ways to market your restaurant in 2022 is by using social media channels are: 

1. Facebook 

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms around, and it’s not difficult to see why. A large percentage of consumers in North America and Europe use Facebook regularly, making it an excellent platform for restaurant marketing. 

One great feature of Facebook is that you can create a page specifically for your restaurant. This makes it easy for potential customers to find you when they are searching on the site. 

Additionally, you can share photos or videos of your food or special events, post updates to let people know about any specials you are running, and even chat with customers directly through the platform. 

You will also want to connect your restaurant’s page to other social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram so that posts from those channels appear on your Facebook account, too. 

2. Pinterest 

Another popular social media platform is Pinterest. This site allows users to create boards and pin images of their favorite things onto those boards, including food and restaurants. By creating a restaurant board and sharing photos of your dishes regularly, you can draw people to your business who are actively looking for new places to eat or shop.  

  • One way to take advantage of this is by offering discounts or special deals if customers check in at your restaurant via the app when they visit.  
  • Another great feature is that many restaurants have begun using Pinterest as an extension of the pages of their recipe on their websites, so customers often know exactly what they are ordering before they ever arrive at the restaurant. 

3. Instagram 

Instagram is another great option for restaurants to consider when it comes to social media marketing. This visual-based platform allows users to post photos and videos of their products, as well as short captions with hashtags. 

Some popular strategies for using Instagram are posting beautiful photos of your food that show off its flavor or presentation, hosting competitions where people must repost one of your photos in order to enter a giveaway, or sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses into how you make your food. 

You can also use Instagram advertising tools such as Stories Ads to target customers who follow other similar businesses or share certain interests. 

4. Twitter 

Twitter is another excellent platform for promoting your restaurant if you want more exposure than just the local area. This social media site allows you to share short updates, called “tweets,” that can include photos, videos, or links. You can also use hashtags to help people find your tweets more easily. 

Many restaurants use Twitter to post daily specials, highlight positive customer reviews, or announce any major changes or events taking place at the business. Additionally, you can connect with food bloggers or other influencers in your industry and offer them free meals in exchange for a shout-out on their Twitter accounts. 

5. Google My Business 

Last but not least, don’t forget about Google My Business (GMB). This is a free listing service provided by Google that allows businesses to control how they appear in search results. claiming your business on GMB allows you to create a dedicated profile for your restaurant where people can find out more about your hours, location, menu, and other information. 

You can also add high-quality photos of your establishment as well as any awards or accolades it has received. Having a strong digital presence through high rankings in search results from Google is crucial for attracting new customers and keeping old ones coming back over and over again. 

Become More “relatable” 

If you want your restaurant to be successful in 2022, you’re going to need to start becoming more relatable. Consumers are looking for businesses that they can connect with, and that means putting your personal touch on everything from marketing to the customer experience. 

One way to make your restaurant more relatable is by leveraging user-generated content (UGC). UGC is any content that is created by customers or fans, and it can be a powerful marketing tool. 

The best part about UGC is that it’s free – all you need to do is encourage your customers to share their photos and experiences on social media. You can also use UGC in your own marketing materials, such as on your website or in email newsletters. 

Another way to make your restaurant more relatable is by sharing your story. Consumers want to know who you are, what you stand for, and why they should care about your business. Share your story on social media, on your website, or in blog posts, and be sure to focus on your values and what makes you unique. 

Finally, make it a priority to connect with your customers on an individual level. This can mean sending personalized emails or making personal phone calls, but it could also mean hosting regular events or responding promptly to customer questions and complaints. By connecting with your customers one-on-one, you will build trust and loyalty that will help you stand out from the competition. 

Create A User-Friendly Website 

A website is the most important tool that any business, including restaurants, can use to market themselves online. Not only does a website provide potential customers with information about your restaurant, but it also allows customers to easily make reservations or orders online. 

The first step in creating a user-friendly website for your restaurant is to ensure that it is visually appealing. Potential customers are more likely to visit and stay on your website if it is well designed and easy on the eyes, so be sure to invest time and money into the design of your site. 

A basic rule of thumb when designing a website is to keep things simple – you want visitors to find information quickly, without getting overwhelmed by too many colors or complex images. 

Additionally, make sure that all images used on your site are high quality and scaled appropriately for the size of the page. When working with text, try not to use more than two different fonts at once in order to maintain consistency throughout your site. 

Once you have a visually appealing website, the next step is to make sure that it is easy for visitors to use. All of the information on your site should be easy to find and navigate, and customers should be able to complete common tasks such as making a reservation or ordering food with just a few clicks. 

One way to make your site more user-friendly is to add a search bar so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for. Additionally, consider adding an interactive map of your restaurant so that potential customers can get an idea of your location and hours before they visit. 

Give Marketing A Personalized Touch 

As we leave 2021 and head into 2022, it’s important to start preparing your restaurant marketing plan now. It’s no secret that giving your marketing a personalized touch can go a long way – after all, customers love feeling special! 

One of the first things you can do is to implement a personalized marketing campaign. This will allow you to send out different messaging based on your customer’s individual needs and interests. 

For example, if you have an email list of customers who are interested in your restaurant’s special events, you can personalize their experience by sending them targeted messages about these special events. 

Another great way to give your marketing that personal touch is through social media. Consider setting up accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and use relevant hashtags to increase engagement with customers. 

Additionally, consider posting photos of behind-the-scenes action at your restaurant – this will help create a more intimate and personable connection with customers who follow you online. 

Finally, be sure to work with a marketing professional who can help you craft your message and ensure that it resonates with your target audience. Whether you are looking for guidance on social media strategies or want to create an effective email campaign, there are many professionals out there who can help make your marketing efforts more successful.

Setup Automated Marketing 

Automated marketing can help you reach your target audience and generate more revenue for your business. Automated marketing for restaurants is a great way to connect with your target audience. 

Using automated tools such as email and social media, you can promote new menu items, share special deals and discounts, and even send out customer surveys! With the right restaurant marketing ideas, you can use automated marketing to generate more revenue for your business in 2022. 

One of the most effective strategies you can implement in your restaurant marketing plan is to consistently create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. You can do this by sharing recipes, tips for eating healthy on the go, or other content that helps potential customers see how your restaurant fits into their everyday lives. 

Another important strategy is to reach out to influencers in your niche and ask them to share your content on their social media platforms. This can help you reach a much larger audience, and when influencers recommend your restaurant, it can help build trust and credibility with potential customers. 

In 2022, it’s also important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in marketing automation. Automated marketing tools are constantly evolving and changing as technology advances, so make sure you’re taking advantage of these new opportunities! You should also be testing out new ideas regularly to see what works best for your restaurant.

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Listen To Your Customers 

One of the best ways to find out is to listen to your customers. They are the ones who will be spending their hard-earned money on your food, so it’s important to take their feedback into account when planning your marketing strategy. 

1. Use social media to your advantage 

Social media is a great way to connect with your customers and get their feedback on your food and service. Make sure you are active on all of the major platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use hashtags to promote customer interaction, and run surveys and polls to gather data about what your customers want. 

2. Host customer focus groups 

Another great way to get feedback from your customers is to host customer focus groups. This involves inviting a group of customers to come to your restaurant and try out your food while providing feedback. This can be a great way to get honest feedback about what works and what doesn’t work with your menu. 

3. Send out customer surveys 

Customer surveys are a great way to get feedback from your customers and see what they think of your restaurant. Try to make the survey short, easy to fill out, and painless to submit. You can include questions about things like food quality, service level, and atmosphere, as well as areas where you may need improvement or ideas on how to improve. 

4. Create an online review strategy 

Reviews play a big role in whether your potential customers will visit your restaurant or not. Make sure that you have a solid online review strategy that encourages existing customers to leave reviews while also responding promptly and professionally when negative reviews do come in. This shows new potential customers that you care about providing them with the best experience possible. 

5. Take advantage of customer loyalty programs 

Customer loyalty programs can be a great way to get feedback from your customers while also incentivizing them to come back to your restaurant. These programs can take many different forms, but the basic idea is to offer rewards or discounts to customers who visit your restaurant frequently or spend a certain amount of money. This is a great way to increase customer retention while also getting valuable feedback about their experience. 

Get Listed On Reservation Apps To Access A Large User Network 

If you’re a restaurateur who’s looking for ways to market your business in the year 2022, then you’ll want to read this section! Here, we’ll discuss how listing your restaurant on reservation apps can help you reach a large user network.  

When it comes to marketing your restaurant, one of the best ways to reach a large audience is by listing it on popular reservation apps. By doing so, you’ll be able to tap into a huge user network that can help spread the word about your business. Additionally, listing your restaurant on these apps can also help you boost your visibility and attract new customers. 

Setup Your Social Media Reserve Buttons 

If you’re looking for restaurant marketing ideas for 2022, one of the best things you can do is set up reserve buttons for your social media profiles. Reserve buttons are a great way to connect with customers on their favorite social media platforms, and they can be a valuable tool in driving reservations and traffic to your restaurant. 

To set up reserve buttons for your restaurant’s social media profiles, all you need to do is add a few lines of code to your website. Once you’ve added the code, anyone who visits your website will be able to see the reserve button and make a reservation directly from your social media profile.

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Optimize Your GMB 

If you’re a restaurateur, then you know that marketing is key to your success. In this section, we will discuss ways that you can optimize your GMB profile for better restaurant marketing in 2022. 

1. Use high-quality, keyword-rich photos: Photos are one of the first things that potential customers will see when they find your GMB listing, so make sure to use high-quality images that accurately represent your restaurant. 

Try to include a mix of close-ups (e.g. of your food) and wide shots (e.g. of your dining room) to give people a good sense of what your establishment looks like. Also, be sure to use keywords in the photo captions to help improve your visibility in search results. 

2. Keep your business information up-to-date: It’s important to keep your GMB listing accurate and up-to-date, as this will help you rank better in local search results. 

This means making sure your business address, hours of operation, and contact information are correct at all times. Additionally, try to respond promptly to online reviews by thanking customers for their feedback and resolving any concerns they may have raised. 

3. Encourage positive reviews: As mentioned above, responding to customer reviews is a good way to improve your GMB ranking and help potential customers feel more confident about choosing your restaurant. 

But don’t stop there! You should also actively encourage customers who had positive experiences at your establishment to leave reviews on your GMB listing as well. 

Consider sending out email newsletters, hosting giveaways, or offering small discounts to incentivize people with great opinions of your restaurant to share those opinions online. 

4. Make use of GMB posts: GMB posts are a great way to share timely information about your restaurants, such as special offers, new menu items, or upcoming events. 

Be sure to include high-quality images and compelling copy to grab attention and encourage clicks. You can also use GMB posts to target specific audiences by promoting different offers to different customer segments (e.g. families vs. business diners). 

5. Use Google My Business Insights: Google My Business provides valuable Insights data that can help you understand how customers are finding and interacting with your listing. 

This information can be used to inform your marketing decisions and make necessary adjustments to improve your GMB performance over time. To access this data, you’ll need to create a Google My Business account and connect it to your GMB listing.

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Reward Customers For Loyalty 

If you’re looking for restaurant marketing ideas for 2022, then you should definitely consider rewarding customers for their loyalty. This is a great way to show your appreciation and keep customers coming back for more. Now, we will discuss the benefits of reward programs and how to create one that works for your business. 

Benefits of a Loyalty Program 

One of the most important benefits of a loyalty program is that it helps to increase customer retention. Many studies show that having a rewards program increases customer loyalty and decreases the amount customers spend with their competitors. 

This is especially true if you have regular customers in your establishments, such as repeat diners or those who frequent happy hour regularly. In fact, research shows that average spending by returning customers can be up to eight times higher than new customers, so it’s definitely worth investing in a rewards system! 

In addition to increasing customer retention, reward programs can also help you gain valuable feedback from your patrons. Since customers need to swipe their cards every time they visit your business, this allows you to track their purchase history and see which items are selling well and which ones need improvement. You can then use this information to make changes to your menu or marketing strategy accordingly. 

Finally, offering a loyalty program is a great way to show your appreciation to customers and build goodwill. Rewarding customers for their business sends a strong message that you value their patronage and want them to continue being loyal patrons. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition and give customers one more reason to choose your business over others.

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Use Email Marketing And Keep Track Of Your Marketing Campaigns 

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep track of customers and build loyalty among them. Here are some tips on how best to use email marketing in your restaurant business: 

1) First and foremost, you will need an email list of customers and potential customers who are interested in your restaurant. To build this list, you can create a landing page on your website where people can sign up for regular updates from your restaurant. You can also use social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to grow your list by encouraging users to opt into emails by entering their names and email addresses into a form on your website or blog. 

2) Develop engaging content for your subscribers. This could be anything from recipes for the most popular menu items at your restaurant, or tips and tricks for getting the most out of the meals that you serve. The goal here is not only to keep your subscribers coming back for more but also to encourage them to share your content with their friends and followers. 

3) Finally, it is important to choose an email marketing service that can track the results of your campaigns. This will allow you to see how many people are opening and clicking through your emails so that you can make adjustments to your strategy as needed. With a little effort and the right tools, email marketing can be an effective way to promote your restaurant and build engagement with your customers.

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Final Thoughts 

Planning a marketing strategy for your restaurant can feel like quite a daunting task. With so many different ideas and approaches to choose from, how do you know which are the most effective? In today’s crowded food industry, it can be challenging for restaurants to stand out and attract new customers.  

To succeed in the years ahead, restaurants must be strategic in their marketing approaches and utilize innovative tactics that appeal to a wide range of diners. Some ideas to consider include creating an inviting social media presence, offering exclusive discounts and promotions, working with influencers, partnering with other businesses or organizations, and utilizing smart digital tools like email automation or geo-targeting advertising.  

With these strategies in mind, restaurants can stay competitive and continue attracting loyal customers well into the future. In order to help you get started in your planning, we introduced you to 13 restaurant marketing ideas that are sure to be popular and effective in 2022. 

Restaurant marketing is evolving and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. We hope that you enjoyed this article and found it helpful as you plan your restaurant marketing ideas/strategy for 2022. If you have any questions or need help implementing any of these ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always here to help!