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Restaurant Billing Software

Streamline Your Restaurant’s Operation With A One-Point Restaurant Billing Software

With too many operations to manage at your restaurant, you hardly get time to interact with your customers and create friendly experiences for them. You can put an end to this time constraint by trusting most of your restaurant tasks and operations to a one-point restaurant billing software like Digirestro that takes care of all your transactions for you.

While the restaurant billing software takes care of transactions, you can have more time for customer interaction, thereby having a window to create stronger customer relationships and a loyal customer base with people wanting to keep coming back to your restaurant.

A restaurant billing software even works great to offer excellent customer experiences as the customers find themselves more at ease in placing their orders and making payments for the same.

What is a Restaurant Billing Software?

While you have got a summary of a Restaurant Billing Software, you might still not have a clear idea of it.

A Restaurant Billing Software is an online system that helps manage all the restaurant tasks and operations by streamlining the processes in a simplified manner.

The software presents the customers as well as the restaurant owners with a simple dashboard that can be used for order management, table management, invoicing, taxation, and other restaurant tasks and operations.

The customers have a customer-centric view of the dashboard where they can look at the menu and place their orders directly on the software thereby not having to wait for someone to come take their orders. Moreover, the customers need not wait for the check as they have the flexibility to view their bills and make payments through the software itself.

As for the restaurant owners, they are saved from the monotonous tasks of taking orders, billing, and payments due to which they can focus better on the quality of service being provided to the customers.

restaurant billing software

Features of Digirestro Restaurant Billing Software

Digirestro Restaurant Billing Software is equipped with modern features and functionalities that keep your restaurant operations and management at their A game.

  1. Menu Management

You can design and customize your entire menu on the restaurant billing software for the customers to find significant ease in placing their orders.

  1. Order Management

As the orders keep coming in on the software, you can easily manage them through the additional Kitchen Order Ticket feature that allows you to place order tickets for the chefs. In a traditional system, the waiters took orders and placed the tickets which was pretty time consuming. With the Kitchen Order Ticket feature of the restaurant billing software, the waiting period is significantly reduced.

  1. Table Management

One waiter might be waiting on multiple tables at a time. In that scenario, having a software that can help with managing all the tables will be a bonus. Digirestro has smart features to keep track of tables and their orders while also having advanced functionalities to add to the customer experience by making sure that the customers do not have to wait too long for their orders and requests.

  1. Bills and Payments Management

You can issue bills to the customers directly through the restaurant billing software and the customers can make payments on the software itself considering the quick and easy payment gateway integration on the app. The bills can even be generated automatically based on the customers’ orders and you can do away with any kind of time-taking manual billing tasks. So, the software is great in helping with the finances of your restaurant.

  1. Taxation

Bills are subject to taxes and you need a proper system to apply those taxes and charges to the bills accurately. Restaurant billing software has in-built features for taxation which make it adding taxes and charges to the total bill amount an easy task. The proper breakdown of the taxes also ensures that the customers are not confused about the extra charges on their bill.

  1. Bill Splitting

Sometimes, when a group of people are dining together, they might want to split the bill among themselves. Traditionally, it so happens that the group has to split the bill amount all by itself. With the restaurant billing software, you can offer your customers the ease to split their bills without any effort. The software would do the task for them and they can each pay for themselves without having one person pay first and others paying that person back.

  1. Employee Management

You need to keep up with the details of your employees. Their in and out timings, their tips, their overtime pay, holidays, performance, etc. You can manage everything related to employee management with the restaurant billing software. The software will take in the working hours into account and also keep a proper record of employee tips so that they can be paid fairly on the pay day.

  1. Customer Management

Having detailed records of your customers help create better relationships with them. With the restaurant billing software, you can keep a record of their orders and payments and see what their regulars are. You can even design a loyalty program for your customers through which they can get discounts or other rewards based on the loyalty points.

  1. Report and Analytics

You constantly have to measure your restaurants performance as regards the sales and profits it is making. The detailed reports and analytics feature allows you to view sales and profits in charts and graphs that you can compare against each other to track the performance while also making strategies to raise the numbers.

Why Choose Digitrestro Restaurant Billing Software?

Digirestro is the most feature-rich, easily-understandable, and affordable restaurant billing software you will ever find.

  1. Easy to Use Interface

The software is designed with user-friendliness in mind and is extremely easy to operate.

  1. Hardware Included

You’ll get the necessary hardware to set up the Digirestro restaurant billing software in your premises.

  1. Technical Support

If you ever face any difficulty with the restaurant billing system, Digirestro team will always be available at your call to fix the problems and resolve your queries.

With Digirestro, You Have Got All Your Restaurant Management Needs Covered. Have Digirestro Installed In Your Restaurant Now!