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Looking for the best POS software for restaurants to help you run your own restaurant efficiently? If so, you’re at the right place. In this guide, we’ll take you through the top five POS software for restaurants, and help you decide which one is right for you.

What Is POS Software For Restaurants?

POS (point of sale) software is an essential tool for restaurants. It is a computerized version of a cash register, which allows restaurants to process credit cards and track sales data. It is a system that allows restaurants to track all the transactions done in their restaurants. Most POS software work with barcode scanners, but some can be integrated with mobile devices as well.

It also helps them to maintain accurate inventory, and generate reports about their sales. In addition, the software can be either cloud-based or on-premises. It also allows restaurants to manage their food ordering system, inventory management, sales reports, and so on. POS software comes in different types depending on the type of business you’re running.

Some of the most common types of POS software include:-

  1. Cash Register: It is a computerized cash register that can be used for taking orders from customers and processing payments.
  2. Point-of-Sale Terminal: It is a computerized cash register that can be used for taking orders from customers and processing payments.
  3. EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) Terminal: EBT is a computerized cash register that can be used for taking orders from customers and processing payments.
  4. Point-of-Sale Terminal: It is a computerized cash register that can be used for taking orders from customers and processing payments.
  5. Barcode Reader: It is a handheld device that reads barcodes on products to process transactions.
  6. Touch Screen: It is a computerized cash register that can be used for taking orders from customers and processing payments.

Need of POS Software

If you run a restaurant, you know that it can be quite a hassle to keep track of your daily sales and expenses. From counting tips to managing staff and inventory, you need a POS system that helps you manage your business. Restaurant POS software is not just for restaurant owners. It’s also important for the staff and other employees to be able to use the system effectively and efficiently.

If you are planning to open a new restaurant then you must be aware of all the things that are happening in the restaurant. The restaurant point of sale software helps to keep track of everything that is happening in your restaurant. It is a simple application that allows the owner to add their menu items and the cost of each item. It also lets you know the price of your items and the customer’s order.

The restaurant point of sale software makes it easier for the restaurant owners to know what they have in stock and what is not, what they are selling and what they are not, and what is going on in the restaurant.

Restaurant point of sale software helps to keep the track of your employees, so they don’t cheat you. If any of your employees are stealing from you, then the restaurant point of sale software will help you to catch them. The restaurant point of sale software is used to keep track of all the things that are happening in your restaurant. It helps you to get more customers and it also helps to grow your business.

Thus, it is a simple and very useful application that allows you to make a record of everything that is happening in your restaurant.

How Can A Restaurant Point Of Sale Software Help You?

A POS software for restaurants is a simple application that allows you to add your menu items and their cost. It also helps to keep track of all the transactions that are happening in your restaurant. You can also add your employees, customers, and their orders. This application also lets you know about the inventory and the amount of money that is left in your restaurant.

Restaurant bakery point of sale software will help you to make a record of all the things that are happening in your restaurant. If you have an employee who is stealing from you, then this application will help you to catch them. The application will also help you to get more customers and it will also help you to grow your business.

Uses Of POS Software For Restaurants

If you are planning to start a new restaurant then it is very important to invest in good restaurant Pizza POS software as it will help you to manage your restaurant efficiently. It is also known as order management software and it is used to track orders and payments in restaurants. This software is mainly used by restaurants to make online sales and it is also used to calculate daily sales.

This software can be used by all types of restaurants like:-

  • Restaurants
  • Fast food joints
  • Bakeries
  • Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Retail stores, etc.

The restaurant point of sale software is one of the best ways to increase the profit in a restaurant. It is a computerized system that is used to manage the food items and the money in a restaurant. You need to install this software in your restaurant and you can use this software on any of your computers. This is very easy to use and you can easily handle the transactions within minutes.

Restaurant point of sale (POS) systems are useful for many different reasons, including:-

– Managing inventory and tracking sales, orders, and delivery.

– Tracking customer preferences and maintaining a history of customer interactions.

– Paying bills and taxes.

– Keeping track of employees’ performance.

– Maintaining employee records.

– Monitoring stock and inventory levels.

– Performing accounting and generating reports.

– Managing the menu.

– Managing reservation and sales leads.

5 Best POS Software for Restaurants in India

 1. Digirestro

Digirestro provides an end to end solution, which means all technological ingredients on a single plate. This makes it the most favorable POS software for restaurants. It can get all types of third-party tools like Marketing SMS, CRM. Integration with all aggregators i.e Swiggy, Zomato, through which our clients will be able to manage everything from a single platform.

Digirestro has been developed by the people who closely worked with restaurants and cafes, because of which we have covered all the difficulties they are facing while operating any type of restaurant or café. It is a fully automated application that will help you manage most of your daily pain points very quickly, and even your staff can get easily settled with this application.

Key features:-

  • Multiple platforms Supported: This POS software is supported on multiple platforms, namely, Android, IOS, and Windows.
  • Online food ordering widget: You can get access to many online food ordering widgets here.
  • Restaurant customers can easily place their orders from the website or android application of the restaurant.
  • Receive your website or android app orders directly on digirestro.
  • Apply runtime offers on your website or android app.
  • Monitor your sales: You can easily manage your sales through Digirestro’s user-friendly interface.
  • It has an android or web application to manage or monitor your sales from anywhere.
  • You can easily reconcile your daily sales reports.
  • You can see your good performing dishes and many more.

 2. Petpooja

Petpooja POS manages all your operations efficiently so that you can focus on growing your restaurant. This POS is mainly focused on Indian restaurants.

Key features:

  • Billing software: It has a simple 3-click billing process that ensures that your staff can handle its operations with ultimate ease. 
  1. Works on any PC, laptop, phone & printer.
  2. Keyboard and Touchscreen Views.
  3. Multiple KOT printer/ KDS Configuration.
  4. Customizable bill format with QR-code for payment.
  • Centralized Dashboard: It has a one-stop dashboard that ensures that you don’t have to go through plenty of reports to assess how your restaurant is doing.
  1. App and Web Dashboard
  2. Real-time reporting
  3. Monitor Multiple Outlets & Brands
  4. Multiple Aggregators in a single dashboard.
  • Inventory Management: With this software’s Inventory Module you don’t need a “Stockist”. Your manager can handle all the tallying inventory functions himself in a few minutes.
  1. Raw Material management
  2. Multi-stage Recipes
  3. Live food-cost reporting
  4. Central Kitchen Management

 3. Ciferon POS

Ciferon POS is a desktop and mobile billing software synced with the cloud. It has a user-friendly interface with end-to-end integration which can work online/offline and can give a smooth & well-ordered experience to the restaurants. Ciferon POS software manages all your restaurant billing, inventory, accounting, customer details along with online aggregator integrations, and makes real-time restaurant reports with a single click.

Key features:-

  • In-Depth Analysis & Report: It tracks hundreds of reports & boosts up your business and performance by analyzing all data and making reports of results.
  • Admin App & Dashboard: It manages your restaurant from anywhere and at any time. This POS software is accessible from any web browser, which is also available on Android & IOS.
  • Roles & Right Management: It creates multiple users on the platform & assigns rights for the POS and admin panel, through which you can limit staff accessibility & restrict confidential data.

 4. GoFrugal 

GoFrugal is a very popular POS software that helps in transforming your business into an omnichannel store that helps in serving your customers better. This POS software has made ERP easy for retail, restaurant, and distribution.

Key features:-

  • Efficient management: It has many tools to transform your business digitally, for improved profitability, automation, and productivity.
  1. Friction-less on-boarding with a shorter learning curve for employees.
  2. Affordable, Lowest total cost of ownership
  3. Practice mode for agility in adoption and staff training in high-attrition environments.
  • Timely decisions on the move: This software makes data-driven decisions, with faster inventory turns leading to greater profits.
  1. Smarter Products with IoT, AI, ML, and NLP.
  2. Get instantly notified of all things you need to know with the Gofrugal notification service.
  3. Converse with your business using WhatsNow and SmartReports.
  • 24×7 Responsive Assure Care: This POS software has IoT and AI for your assistance available anytime and everywhere as per your needs.
  1. Freedom of support channel self-service, chat, or voice support.
  2. Your satisfaction is our motto, rate and provides feedback on every engagement.
  3. Smart and robust solutions that result in lesser time in seeking support.

 5. POSist 

POSist is another POS software with robust cloud kitchen software for efficient restaurant management and boosting profits. This POS software works on browsers and also has a lite version for android.

Key features:-

  • Hardware Independent: This POS software runs on a browser and supports all hardware.
  • Cloud-Based Restaurant Software: It is a cloud-based restaurant software that works both offline as well as online which is one of the major merits of this POS software.
  • Theft-Control: Another unique feature of this restaurant POS software is that it prevents theft and pilferages in your restaurant through its various security features.
  • No Data Loss: It stores data on secured encrypted servers. This feature provides added security to your data and reports accessible only to permitted members/persons.
  • Quick Support: The quick support feature resolves all your queries instantly at any time and anywhere. 

Why Is Digirestro Better Than Others?

The Digirestro provides all the technological ingredients to run your restaurant with the latest cutting-edge technology with an easier user interface. It is an all-in-one restaurant management software to provide better software solutions to its clients. It can easily get all types of third parties tools like Marketing SMS, CRM.

Integration with all aggregators i.e Swiggy, Zomato, through which our clients will be able to manage everything from a single platform. This fully automated platform will help you manage most of your complex daily activities quickly and efficiently.

The following are the unique features that make Digirestro better and efficient when compared to others:- 

  1. Analysis: It has proper and efficient analytics tools, through which you can monitor your daily sales and our advanced solution is much easier to understand for anyone.

2. Integration: It is a generic solution through which users can integrate all required third parties solutions, which can help the restaurant to raise its sales and revenue in a very hassle-free manner.

3. Speedy interface: The restaurant does not have much time to spend on the billing machine. Digirestro provides unique and speedy solutions to its customers through which they can punch their orders in no time.

4. Quality reporting: It is a quality reporting tool that always helps the user to predict their future sales and revenue. Digirestro’s customized reporting analysis gives you that quality on the go.

5. Inventory control: You can easily manage your inventory from anywhere in the world, by calculating the actual cost of your recipe, which will lead you to generate the exact profit and loss graph.

6. 24/7 live support: It provides good services and their support team is always available for your needs.

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