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Kitchen Display System

Enhance Your Kitchen Productivity With A Feature-Rich Kitchen Display System

Traditionally, the waiters take the orders and pass down the slips to the kitchen for the chefs to get on with preparing the orders. However, this is time-consuming and confusing to a certain degree.

The orders could get mixed up, there would be no proper differentiation between the tables and the type of orders, whether dine-in, takeaway, or delivery, and there would be unwanted delays.

The Digirestro Kitchen Display System is designed to overcome all these problems and enhance the work efficiency and productivity in your kitchen.

About Digirestro Kitchen Display System

Digirestro Kitchen Display System is a hardware unit, like an LCD/LED screen that is designed for hot, humid, and high-temperature conditions of a restaurant kitchen. The display unit connects with the restaurant’s POS software and helps manage restaurant operations.

All the orders are taken over the POS system and are passed on to the kitchen display system from there for chefs to see and start preparing them. The system has unique features such as color coding for the orders, division of the orders as per categories, addition and removal of orders after delivery, etc.

kitchen display system

With all these features, a kitchen display system goes a long way in streamlining the operations and tasks in your kitchen and enhancing its productivity by many times.

Features of Digiresto Kitchen Display System

Digirestro Kitchen Display System is equipped with all the modern and advanced features that you need in a system like that. With all modern features, Digirestro KDS serves as an efficient unit for your kitchen.

  1. Order Display

kitchen display system takes orders from the POS and displays them category-wise in color coded forms for the chefs to skim through the orders and start preparing them.

  1. Preparation Time Estimate

A kitchen display system can be configured to estimate and display the time that would be taken for a particular meal to be prepared. With such estimations, the customers can be given an approximate waiting period and their experiences can be enhanced.

  1. Order Pacing

For the orders that require less time, you can delay them as per the guidance and suggestions of the system thereby keeping proper time intervals in order delivery to the customers.

  1. Inventory Management

Since the kitchen display system is connected with the POS software, you can keep proper records of the inventory in the kitchen and ensure that all materials are used optimally thereby preventing wastage, theft, or pilfery of the inventory.

  1. Consistent Data Analysis and Management

The kitchen display system presents you with all records in a detailed manner through reports, charts, and graphs that you can analyse and manage for better operational performance.

  1. Notifications and Alerts

The kitchen display system will send direct notifications and alerts to the staff as well as customers once the order is ready so that the servers can be quick at delivering the orders and providing excellent dining experiences to the customers.

  1. Multi-lingual Support

The kitchen display system comes with a multi-lingual support that allows the chefs and other staff to view the orders and other details in their preferred language for more ease, comfort, and convenience in performing the tasks and operations.

  1. Excellent Hardware

In addition to the in-built features in the software, the hardware is also strong and durable enough to withstand the heat and temperature inside the kitchen and remain workable for years.

Why Choose Digirestro Kitchen Display System?

With the amazing features that it offers you have reasons enough to choose Digirestro Kitchen Display System. Herein below are some more benefits of installing and setting up Digirestro KDS in your restaurant kitchen.

  1. Excellent Grade Hardware

The hardware is built with kitchen heat and temperature in mind and is very strong and durable.

  1. Better Operational Management

The manual tasks are reduced to a great extent, there is better management of KOTs, and you can achieve more efficiency in operational management.

  1. Constant Support

In case you run into any technical difficulties, the Digirestro support team remains available 24/7 to assist you with the problem and resolve it at the earliest.

With Digirestro Kitchen Display System, your restaurant’s kitchen is in the best operational management environment. Have the Digirestro KDS installed and configured now.