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Cafe Billing Software

Bring Your Cafe Online With A Robust Cafe Billing Software

Running a cafe is a huge challenge with so many tasks and operations at hand. You want to offer good experiences to the customers, but they do not come easy. You need to manage the menu and offer customers easy options to place their orders.

If the waiting period for placing an order is too long, the customers might lose interest and leave and land at another cafe around the corner.

You also want to ensure that the customers don’t have to wait too much for their orders, or else they may not come around another time.

These instances point to the need for better order and customer management at your cafe. Well, Digirestro Cafe Billing Software is just the product for your cafe management requirements.

About Digirestro Cafe Billing Software

Digirestro Cafe Billing Software is an online system that helps you manage the cafe orders and billings in a streamlined manner without the need for any manual or monotonous work. You can take orders, generate KOTs, draw bills, accept payments, and perform other cafe management tasks with the software itself, thereby making it easier for the cafe staff and management to run the cafe’s operations.

Features of Digirestro Cafe Billing Software

Digirestro Cafe Billing Software is designed with advanced functionalities to streamline all your cafe’s operations for easy management and enhanced profitability.

  1. Order Management

The cafe billing software provides a menu within its framework. So, the customers can browse through the menu on their mobile phone and simply order through the menu without having to wait in long lines. Order management becomes easier as the cafe managers can generate the KOTs(kitchen order tickets) through the software itself which aids faster order preparation and delivery.

  1. Billing and Payment Management

It’s easy and swift to manage the bills and payments with the cafe billing software. The software generates bills automatically based on the customer orders and the customers can pay quickly through the payment gateways integrated on the software itself.

  1. Taxation

All the taxes that the bills are subject to are calculated automatically and charged to the bills. Since the taxes are separately charged, the customers can view the bifurcation of the bill amount and not get confused about any additional charges, whatsoever.

  1. Bill Splitting

If a group of friends or family wants to split the bill among themselves, they need not fall into any hassles. The cafe billing software does the splitting automatically and everyone can pay their share accordingly.

  1. Online Ordering

You can even offer the customers the privilege to access your cafe online. You can integrate with online delivery partners and take up online orders from your customers, offering them door-to-door service. This further enhances the sales and profitability of your cafe.

  1. Employee Management

You need to manage your employees well in the cafe. You need to keep track of their working hours, the tips of the waiters, and other working details of all the other staff. You can manage everything with the amazing employee management features available on the Digirestro cafe billing software.

  1. Customer Management

You can have all the essential data of your customers and can offer them more benefits such as rewards, discounts, and loyalty programs for enhanced trust and loyalty of your customers.

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Why Choose Digirestro Cafe Billing Software?

With Digirestro Cafe Billing Software, you can have enhanced customer reach and profitability due to its amazing features. There are multiple benefits that you can derive from the software.

  1. User Friendliness

The software is easy to use with a user-friendly interface that even non-technical people can understand within minutes.

  1. Online Reach

With the online ordering feature, you can have better reach to the customers along with easy order and delivery management.

  1. Enhanced Profitability

With more ease in order management, you can serve more customers and that will significantly enhance your business’ profitability.

  1. Technical Support

It’s common to run into technical problems with a software. But you don’t remain stuck with them as Digirestro support professionals are available round the clock to help you with technical issues.

Digirestro Cafe Billing Software is a cornerstone for enhancing the reach and profitability of your Cafe. Get the software installed now!