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Are you serching for liquor store POS system? If you are the owner of a small, one-station liquor store, then you know that it is important to have the best POS system for liquor stores in order to keep track of your inventory and sales. 

However, choosing the best POS system for your company can be challenging given the wide variety of systems available. The ideal POS system for a small, one-station liquor business will be covered in this blog post.

The top POS systems for liquor stores, in our opinion, are:

  • Digirestro: Best overall liquor store POS
  • POS Nation: Most beneficial for replacing a cash register
  • Harbortouch: Best for free hardware
  • Lightspeed Retail: Best iPad-based liquor store POS
  • IT Retail: Best for high-volume liquor stores

5 Best POS System For Liquor Stores

1. Digirestro

At Digirestro, they offer the best overall liquor store POS on the market. Their comprehensive suite of software and hardware solutions makes it easy for you to track and manage inventory, generate detailed reports, and process payments. 

Whether you own a small family-owned shop or a large chain of liquor stores, our system is designed to meet your unique needs and streamline your business processes. 

With features like built-in analytics tools, a customizable vendor database, and in-store promo management, Digirestro has everything you need to succeed in this competitive industry.

liquor pos store
Liquor POS Store

2. POS Nation

Liquor establishments can benefit from the great offline functionality of POS Nation, a locally installed POS with a cloud backup. Due to the front end of the POS, which manages sales transactions, and operates on an internal network, payment processing can be done without the use of the internet. On the other hand, back-office reporting, inventory management, and customer administration services are cloud-based.

Small businesses will value POS Nation’s Cash Discount feature, which enables you to pay for credit card processing expenses if they are hesitant to move from their cash register to a POS.

Be aware though that some functions, including cloud backup and remote back office, require additional payment. Additionally, the system was penalized for its limited e-commerce features and certain fine print pertaining to customer service and payment integration.

3. Harbortouch

Like POS Nation, Harbortouch is a hybrid POS that offers free POS hardware with its POS software subscriptions. Despite the fact that all of these platforms provide free hardware, we chose Harbortouch as the winner since its whole solution is cheaper for small businesses and requires no initial investment. Additionally, the hardware is of the highest quality and constructed to resist the activity of a busy liquor store.

Due to the POS’s connection to merchant services provider Shift4 Payments, Harbortouch is able to supply this free hardware at a minimal cost. Credit card processing fees help Shift4 repay the hardware expenditures. Also, keep in mind that you are contractually tied to Harbortouch for a considerable amount of time by the service agreement.

Harbortouch outperformed Lightspeed Retail for this update, earning a total score of 4.28 out of 5 in our review of POS systems for liquor stores. It received higher grades for being more reasonably priced, simpler to operate, and coming with installation and staff training.

However, Harbortouch was penalized for only supporting Shift4 as an integrated payment processor and for not integrating the payroll or alcohol industries, including e-commerce. If specific liquor-industry integrations are necessary for you, KORONA, Lightspeed Retail, or mPower Beverage are likely to meet your needs better.

4. Lightspeed Retail

A cloud-based iPad POS with a modern, elegant design, Lightspeed Retail has many of the same features as the other systems on this list. Case-break pricing tools, comprehensive inventories, and age verification are all available to Lightspeed Retail users.

Along with the standard functionality for a liquor store, Lightspeed Retail users have access to a wide range of small business-supporting third-party connectors that cover everything from employee scheduling to text message marketing.

In our study of liquor shop POS systems, Lightspeed Retail received a 4.09 out of 5 scores, down one notch for this update. In addition to important liquor shop features including extensive inventory management, e-commerce, and age verification, it received points for the integrations that were made available.

5. IT Retail

A hybrid POS called IT Retail was created by former grocery shop operators. High-volume liquor stores that require industry-grade hardware and thorough security integrations would benefit greatly from this sturdy solution. 

The system’s extensive functions offer good support for liquor businesses even though it is better known as a POS for grocery stores. Along with thorough, real-time inventory tracking and case-break pricing, you’ll gain age verification tools.

Cashiers will be informed by your IT Retail POS when consumers have unused incentives or loyalty points. Both your customers and your cashiers don’t have to remember to ask to have their points applied, and neither do they have to look through the POS to find the right client. Based on the customer’s payment details, the system does a self-scan and asks the user to apply rewards before completing the transaction.

Final Thoughts

For any business, a point-of-sale system is an essential investment, but small businesses with just one station require it even more. Make sure to take into account the particular requirements of your company and how you intend to use the system when selecting the ideal POS system for your liquor store. 

We’ve included five of the most crucial things to consider while making your choice in the hopes that this knowledge will assist you in selecting the best system for your requirements. Have you already chosen a POS system? If not, what aspects are most crucial to you? Tell us in the comments section below!

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