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Looking for top android POS machines? Then you are in the right place. 

An android POS machine is a POS terminal that runs on Android and can be used as a retail or restaurant cash register. It is a self-service point of sale system that enables retailers to easily accept credit and debit cards, run inventory, and manage their business operations. Android POS machines are becoming more and more popular as the prices drop and the capabilities increase.

The business world is expanding rapidly and it is becoming an essential part of our daily life. A majority of people work for their daily livelihood through a smartphone, so they need to keep their smartphones up to date. It is not just a smartphone that can help you run a business, it can also help you to manage your business and increase productivity.

We have been hearing about the rise of point of sale (POS) for quite some time now. Most people are now relying on POS to pay for their goods and services. We are also using POS for payment in our daily lives. This is why Cafe POS systems are used to monitor and record your business’s activities.
But most POS systems are overpriced, and they’re not always easy to use. We wanted to make things better for small businesses, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best POS systems that you can buy.

The POS (Point Of Sale) systems are used by merchants to manage the daily activities of their business. These days every small business is using these POS machines for managing the cash flow and for other daily activities. The POS system can be used for various purposes like ordering food, selling products, running a business, etc. There are several types of POS machines available in the market, so choosing the best one is not an easy task.

The Android POS is a great tool to add to your business, and we’re here to help you get one. We’ve compiled here a list of the top 5 Android POS machines available today, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

What Are Android POS Machines?

A POS machine or point of sale machine is a type of payment system where customers pay for items using a credit card or debit card. It is also known as a cash register, or a cashier’s terminal. The POS machine stores a customer’s information and transmits it to a server where the information is encrypted and sent to a bank for processing.

They allow customers to scan items for purchase or enter information about their orders into a computer system. These are commonly found in grocery stores, retail outlets, and restaurants. The machines are also commonly known as E-cash registers, electronic cash registers, or automated teller machines (ATMs).

Android POS machines are designed to operate like cash registers, but instead of using coins, they use credits. You can also use them to run inventory systems, or even to run a business. These devices are compatible with any Android mobile phone and tablet, and they can be connected to a computer or a smartphone through a USB cable to download and install the software.

Top 5 Android POS Machines

Here are the top 5 android POS machines that you can use for retail or restaurant purposes:-

 1. Vend

This android POS machine offers retailers an effortless POS system for their restaurants or businesses. Its objective is to help retailers sell, measure, manage and grow. Vend is a mobile point of sale (POS) system that helps small businesses accept credit cards, and manage inventory.

It is developed by Lightspeed, a company that specializes in developing enterprise-grade software for small businesses. The platform is available on iOS and Android, and it supports credit card transactions as well as inventory management. 

Key features:-

  1. Time-saving: The Vend android POS machine is very easy to install, set up, and use. It lets your staff focus more on providing a satisfactory customer experience giving you the time to focus on business growth, enhancing profitability, and other important activities of your restaurant.
  1. Helps in the growth of your restaurant: By using Vend, you can manage multiple stores from a single location with ease and comfort. You also have the option to add any new stores you opened or new registers you want to make, all with just the click of a button.
  1. Effortless access to business information: Vend gives you smooth and effortless access to your real-time sales data and staff performance information from anywhere and at any time, along with giving you actionable insights that help you make smarter, efficient, and more profitable decisions.
  1. Provides direct integration: Vend offers you an integrated payment processing system and POS solution which means there would no longer be any double-entry, human error, or manual end-of-day reconciliation.
  1. Helps you in taking control of your inventory: Vend makes it easy to manage thousands of SKUs quickly and add new products and perform inventory counts in no time.

 2. ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is an Android-based POS machine that allows retailers to sell their products in stores. It’s equipped with an array of different features including barcode scanners, cash registers, and even an online ordering system. With this device, you can take orders from customers, accept payments, and keep track of inventory.

It is an excellent tool for small to medium-sized businesses looking to expand their online presence, without the hassle of having to pay expensive fees to online POS systems. 

Key features:– 

  1. Point of sale: ConnectPOS offers a smooth checkout procedure that allows you to reduce waiting time at the counters along with printing and scanning the barcodes to simplify the checkout routine. It also provides instant data updates between the POS system and your website including Orders, Inventory, Customers, and Products that are auto-updated. 
  1. Product and Order Management: ConnectPOS offers multi-location management by assigning each location to a separate outlet. The customers can buy online and pick up in-store. Users can add out-of-stock items to their cart and get notified once these products are back in stock. It also helps in syncing your tax settings with system rules for meeting taxable liabilities easily.
  1. Inventory Management: A purchase order will be automatically generated if the product quantity reaches its limit. You can track these orders right in this app. It has auto-update stock numbers cross-warehouse. ConnectPOS also suggests the best arrangement location for your warehouse from the design layout.
  1. Omnichannel Support: ConnectPOS can be used in both PCs (macOS & Windows) and mobile devices (iOS & Android) and is compatible with diverse POS hardware providers. Customers can easily interact with a second screen right before finishing payments.

 3. Posiflex

Posiflex is recognized as a pioneer in the industry. It is an android POS machine that allows you to run all your retail operations from one device. It’s a complete solution for all your retail needs – inventory management, sales, point of sale, customer service, reporting, inventory, and more. It also comes with an online POS system, so you can monitor all your operations from anywhere in the world, 24/7. 

Key features:-

  1. Visually desirable: Posiflex has a sleek design making it visually desirable. It also includes an auto-cutter thermal printer, MSR, and 2nd customer display. No screws can be found on its surface maintaining a neat and sleek look.
  1. Superior performance: It gives a quality performance as compared to other android POS machines. It focuses on aesthetics as well as effective functionality making it the most favorable Android POS machine.
  1. Easy maintenance: It is impressively compact, provides excellent cable management, and is easy to maintain. It has an advanced cable management design, allowing cables to remain detangled.
  1. Time-saving and money-saving: The terminal can be shipped with customer line display, customer-facing LCD display attached and folded, saving deployment time as well as shipping costs.

 4. Watchdata

This is another smart POS terminal with an android printer. The Watchdata is one of the most versatile POS terminals available in the market. It is equipped with an inbuilt thermal printer that can print on different types of papers and surfaces. It also comes with a built-in barcode scanner. Watchdata is a complete POS system that can be used to scan and capture barcodes and QR codes.

It can also be used as a mobile payment solution using the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. It supports both SAM (Short Message Service Application) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) SIM cards.

Key features:

  1. This POS terminal is equipped with a 2.4GHz Wifi connectivity which allows you to connect with other devices using this Wifi connectivity. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity.
  1. The Watchdata android POS can be connected to various types of POS software such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc. It is a complete POS system that can be used to scan and capture barcodes and QR codes.
  1. It is equipped with an inbuilt thermal printer that can print on different types of papers and surfaces. It’s compatible with both NFC and Bluetooth devices so you can make wireless payments.
  1. It also has a touchscreen display that can be used as a visual point of sale terminal, but it also supports a variety of Android apps that can be used to add extra functionality.
  1. You can also use the built-in WiFi to connect to your network and make remote purchases.

 5. Epson

Epson is one of the most popular mobile thermal POS receipt printers. It is NFC pairing-ready, so you can use it to scan your credit cards too. It is compatible with all the leading mobile operating systems, so you can print receipts on your phone too. Its compact design makes it ideal for mobile applications, and it delivers fast printing with speeds up to 100mm/second.

It is Wi-Fi enabled and NFC capable so you can pair it with your phone in seconds. It comes with a large supply of paper, so you won’t need to worry about running out, and it has drop-in paper loading which allows you to swap paper easily and quickly.

Key features:-

  1. You can use this printer as a cash drawer too, but if you’re planning on doing this, you should be aware that the paper tray will not hold more than 10 sheets.
  1. It’s lightweight, compact, easy to set up, and has great battery life. It has a battery life of up to 16 hours for Wi-Fi models and 26 hours for Bluetooth models.
  1. It prints fast and has a ton of features. It’s also really easy to use and comes with lots of software to help you get the most out of it. 
  1. It has a USB port which allows you to connect a scanner so that you can scan receipts into your computer, saving you time. It also comes with a stand so you can set it down and print away.
  1. The printer has a range of connectivity options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so you can connect to your wireless network or Bluetooth devices. The printer also has an NFC connection which allows it to connect to NFC-enabled devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

So, these were the top 5 Android POS machines which you can easily get for your restaurant to make your daily activities easy and overall working efficient.

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