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If you’re a restaurateur, then you know that the kitchen is the heart of your business. It’s where all the magic happens. Let’s discuss about the Kitchen Display System in this article. Installation of kitchen order systems can be quite advantageous for restaurants.

For those who are unaware, a kitchen display system (KDS) is a technologically-based method of immediately punching orders into the system in the kitchen. Restaurants used to take orders using tickets, which is incredibly time-consuming and prone to error. However, modern kitchen display systems have supplanted the traditional kitchen order tickets thanks to technological improvements (or paper).

It is evident that COVID-19 has paved the way for technology to make a significant impact in the hospitality sector. You can avoid social interaction entirely thanks to technology, which also helps your business run more efficiently.

Additionally, we’ve provided a summary of the advantages of the kitchen display system to assist you understand why a KDS is beneficial for your company.

The Ultimate Guide: 7 Critical Benefits of Restaurant Kitchen Order Systems

1. Let The Machine Do The Math

The ability of the kitchen display system to reduce human mistake stands out as the most significant benefit when discussing its advantages. Orders keep increasing throughout the busiest times of the day, making it challenging to keep count of them using conventional kitchen order tickets. The kitchen display system can help with that.

The cooks can more easily determine the precise number of hot dogs, cakes, and cans of coke they need to prepare when all the orders are displayed on a screen. The system can also assist in grouping orders according to priority and kind.

Kitchen Display System
Kitchen Display System

It can specify whether an order is for a hot meal or a cold beverage and can display urgent requests in different colours. The chefs will know what to do as a result. They don’t have to constantly count the numbers; they can just concentrate on making delectable dishes.

2. Makes The Entire Process More Efficient

The old way of employing paper tickets has been successful for restaurants for years, but KDS has improved it. The increased efficiency of a kitchen display system is its most important benefit. These mechanisms ensure that the order is delivered directly to the kitchen, where the chef immediately gets to work on it. 

As a result, it saves a lot of time and cuts down on waiting. From the restaurant’s perspective, faster service allows them to serve more clients in a shorter amount of time.

3. Helps In Managing The Inventory

The capacity of the kitchen display system to track the quantity of supplies needed by a restaurant as well as the usage of the materials is another advantage. They may handle the product information, determine the proper quantity of supply, and train workers based on this data. Restaurants may easily handle the personnel shortage issue during peak hours thanks to this data by reducing wait times. 

4. Leads To Reduction In Resource Wastage

Even a small amount of waste is still waste, thus every restaurant should make preventing it a top priority. Restaurants can significantly reduce their costs for paper kitchen order tickets by using kitchen display systems

While the waste may appear insignificant to a customer, restaurant owners are aware of the number of paper rolls they will save with these methods. Utilizing digital ordering methods improves productivity while reducing time and financial waste.

5. Tracks The Order Fulfilment Times 

Another benefit of the restaurant kitchen order systems is the simplicity with which it is possible to monitor the time required to complete each ticket or order. Yes, you may see kitchen reports using the POS system to learn how long it takes to create each meal. 

This information has been helpful for restaurants that want to focus on the areas where they need to work harder. The reports present a wide range of data, including specifics regarding the most productive employees, the busiest times, and the requirement for further staff training that can be advantageous to the restaurant.

6. Streamlines FOH And BOH Workflow

Additionally, KSD includes tablets for servers. They can receive immediate updates when the orders are prepared thanks to these tablets. In the absence of tablets, notifications can also be sent to servers via mobile smartphones. 

This additional assistance not only lessens worker mobility but also enables customers to begin enjoying their meals as soon as they are prepared. The tablet interface is multilingual and user-friendly. 

You can select whichever language your team speaks the most with the use of these tools. With the help of these immediate notifications, you can simply streamline restaurant operations to make them run more smoothly.

7. Integrates The Process Of Online Ordering

Both online ordering and dine-in orders can benefit from the restaurant kitchen order system. Without requiring any manual assistance, servers may send all orders through KDS directly to the kitchen. 

To prevent annoyance or misunderstandings, the POS can also ask the management for permission before sending online orders to the kitchen. By streamlining your online orders, you can handle them correctly without any further manual assistance.

Wrapping Up

In today’s world, adaptability and practicality are practically requirements, thus the kitchen display system is the way to go. Restaurant owners are aware of the necessity to minimise manual engagement because the Post-COVID era will necessitate maximum social distance for an unforeseen period of time. 

We can’t even call it a leap of faith considering all the advantages of kitchen display systems we’ve discussed; the likelihood of its success is unquestionably high. This touchscreen device for culinary orders might be useful for restaurants of all sizes.